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Behavior Consulting/Mini Programs

Behavior consulting is a one on one session with the trainer and client(s), within the home of the client or at a mutually specified location.  

During a session the history of the dog(s) and examples of challenges the clients are experiencing will be acquired.  Then the trainer will offer a specific training protocol, demonstrate exercises and help the client begin making progress that instant.

Some examples of common content of a behavior consulting session are as follows: 

-Loose leash walking

-Come when Called

-Off Leash Heeling

-Listening around distractions

-Barking at guests as they enter the home

-Separation distress/anxiety

-Leash reactivity (barking/lunging/pulling/growling) toward things outdoors

-Dog to dog aggression within the home

-Fearful or aggressive behavior directed at people and or dogs

-Dog bite analysis, intervention and options after an incident

-Integrating a new dog into your home

-Counter surfing, garbage diving

-Any puppy training issues (Jumping up, puppy nipping, crate training, destructive chewing, house training)

A session typically lasts between one and two hours. 

I want you to call/text 306 630-5801 to inquire about a one on one session 


A Program is a series of private sessions with or without the inclusion of group distraction classes.  This format allows for very precise and specific training to take place.  Addressing only the issues and or advanced training you desire.  A program is perfectly suited for clients who are looking for advanced training or struggling with moderate to severe problem behaviors from their dog that need to be dealt with now.   

Programs often take half the time or less to create massive positive change within the dog compared to a series of group classes.  This is achievable because of the full direct and continued support from the Trainer along side specific and proven training protocols.

Below are examples of sample programs.  All programs are fully customizable and will be specifically designed to address your needs, lifestyle and budget. 

Puppy Einstein Program

This program is designed to expedite the progress of your puppy learning all the basic commands and listening.  While saving you tons of work, headaches and time working through all the annoying typical puppy behavior in a flash!

You will receive my direct guidance and support for a full 9 months, allowing me to help you through all the difficult puppy development periods.  No guess work or extended struggles, only a clear laid out plan with my support on demand!

Another awesome bonus of this program is that I will save you possible behavioral issues in the future because I can recognize and treat the early symptoms and keep you on track adequately training and socializing your pup.


- Guaranteed basics trained: Leave it, Down, Sit, Come Loose Leash Walking, Heel, Go to your place and Crate Trained, so your dog can perform what you ask consistently around up to medium levels of distractions (people, other dogs, vehicles).

- Unlimited Private Session assistance for 9 months with all the typical puppy troubles: Nipping, Jumping up, Destructive Chewing, House training, counter surfing and stealing items. 

- 6 group puppy socialization classes

wes 3.jpg

- 6 group adolescent socialization/distractions classes

- Level 1 Off Leash Training work: Call to heel position off leash, off leash heeling and Come from mild distractions. 


- Step by step homework

- Text, phone and email support for 9 months

- 15 foot training lead

- Pull deterrent harness or head collar

Rapid relief program (Leash Reactive)

This program will offer you the understanding and guidance to teach your dog to walk politely on leash as well as teach her not to react to things in the environment while on leash (particularly other dogs). This program is designed for you to be involved in every step of training.


-3 out and about sessions 

- 6 group distraction classes (or two private training facility sessions if the group class schedule doesn’t work for you)


- How to ward off stray dogs info

- Step by step homework

- Information and or resource handouts

-Text, phone and or email support for 2 months

From Bite to Polite program 

This program is designed to address moderate problem behaviors or specialized training.  This program is best suited to dog's who are acting undesirably or are a physical threat to people, animals or both. 


-Assessment of the dog

-1 kick start half day of personal training (3 hours dog and trainer time)

-2 sessions at our training space 

-3 private sessions at your home

-3 out and about private sessions

-Personalized Dog Bite Prevention Solutions Protocol


-Homework assignments

-Progress reports

-Information and or resource handouts

-Email, phone and text support for 1 year

-50% off discount for any group classes for the dog's life

-50% off additional private continuing education sessions above and beyond this program 

-Free framed portrait of your dog 

Training aid:

-Pull deterrent harness or head collar

-Chain leash tether (if needed)

CHAOS TO HARMONY PROGRAM (dogs fighting within your home)

This program is designed to offer you all the skills and understanding to move forward teaching your dogs to coexist harmoniously and where you will be part of every step of the program.  


-1 session teaching you how to train the dogs to be calm and controlled when visitors arrive.

-1 session addressing how to teach the dogs not to be possessive of affection and focusing on breaking up a dog fight

-1 troubleshooting session to address any unforeseen road blocks during the training process.

-1 session working on leash reactivity and teaching you how to ward off stray dogs.

-2 sessions addressing the inside and outside barrier aggression/reactivity. 

-4 sessions teaching strong fundamental behavior with both dogs present (Name response, reward marker, no reward marker, leave it, sit/down with distraction, stay and release cue).


-Step by step homework guidelines where needed

-Information and resource handouts where needed

-Text, email or phone support for 1 year

-50% off any group dog classes for the rest of the dogs lives

-A framed portrait of the dogs upon completion of the program

Training Equipment:

-Two Muzzles provided (one each) for the dogs and info on how to condition the dogs to wear them

Call/text 306-630-5801 and tell us all about your dog