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les and donna, Moose Jaw sk

We first met Derek 6 yrs ago when we took our GS AJ, to puppy classes. We lived on a farm so it was great to have AJ socialize with the other puppies. Our family learned a lot on how to handle and train AJ properly. 
Due to a car accident we lost AJ and a year later we added another GS to our family. We took Belle to Derek's puppy classes since we learned so much the first time. Its amazing what you forget or how each dog learns differently. Again, we learned a lot from Derek's techniques. 

Two years later, we had Derek come to our farm for a home visit to help us with Belle and our daughter's dog Molly. After 6 months of living together, Belle decided that she wasn't going to put up with Molly's alpha personality.  This caused huge, scary dog fights.

We were at a loss of what to do. Derek came out and assessed the situation and showed us what needed to be done. He is literally the Dog Whisperer!! After Derek left, he followed up with us over the next couple weeks to make sure everything was going well and see if we had any questions. With the consistent training that Derek taught us, Molly and Belle became friends again. 

This past November we moved off the farm into Moose Jaw. Moving itself is a big change for a pet let alone moving from a quiet farm to a city. Belle had a hard time distinguishing where her property was. She felt every vehicle, person or animal was in her space so she would go bazerk to say the least. This made walking her in the neighbourhood stressful. We also have neighbors that have dogs. One is mellow and never barks but the other one runs the fence and barks. Belle believed they were both threats to our family. Sitting outside was not possible until we had Derek come for more home visits.

Derek taught us how to de-escalate Belle from the neighbours dog. This training is still in progress but we can now enjoy our deck. Derek also came for a walk and showed us how to handle Belle in the neighbourhood and what to do when we encounter things that trigger Belle's emotions. Derek also met us at a park with his dogs to help and enforce what we had been learning from previous training. After the home sessions, Derek always followed up by text or email to make sure everything was going well or if we had any questions. 

To us, Derek is the ultimate Dog Whisperer! He is very knowledgeable about dogs and their behaviors. He has a quiet, friendly demeanor that the dogs seem to respond to. His techniques are kind and not forceful. If anyone is looking for peace of mind and harmony in their life with their fur babies, don't hesitate to call Derek.


Kristine, Moose Jaw Sk

Basil has become a wonderful walker to be honest. The worst she ever does is put the brakes on for a second if she hears a new loud noise until she sees where it came from, but then she is fine. No pulling, no barking, no hassle :).

Also, I recommend NDLB to EVERYONE and am so thankful for your help with little-miss. You helped... me solve every one of her frustrating habits and honestly, before I even knew it, she was behaving perfectly. Well I mean she is a dog so there will always be the odd frustrating moment, but no consistent behaviors that give me any grief. She is now a great pleasure to have and I owe it to you. After experiencing your teaching and the " other side" I can honestly say that in the end, the "other side" made her much much more difficult to deal with and your teachings not only corrected it but also made her a pleasure to deal with. Thank you thank you!

As you could probably guess, I talk about Basil a lot to almost everyone and always give you a ton of credit, and write down your info for anyone planning to get a dog.

Everyone who knows her can see a HUGE difference in her personality and I always say my secret is YOU and dog daycare!

Thanks again and I wish you much success! I hope all the dogs in Moose Jaw get the opportunity to work with you! :))))))

Orla, Swift current spca manager

Derek from No Dog Left Behind is an amazing trainer! His knowledge is second only to his genuine love and concern for every animal he works with.

Being a shelter, we are frequently presented with animals that have behavioural issues, which owners have not addressed. Derek has worked with several of our animals and with his help, they have found their forever homes! Derek’s initial consults are great, he spends time with the animal and the staff/owner and discusses at length all relevant information. He then sets up a training plan, suitable for the animal, within the owner’s time/environmental constraints. He stays in contact and is available to speak with should you have any questions or concerns between sessions.

Our most recent dog was fearful of new people and showed this through aggressive behaviour. Her barking, growling and fear was preventing anyone from wanting to adopt her and even limited the number of shelter staff that could work with her. Derek worked with her and even after one session, we could see a huge improvement. Following Derek’s instructions, she blossomed and became a happy dog that loved affection and playtime! She was recently adopted and is doing fantastically in her new home!

We initially chose Derek as our trainer given his fantastic reputation, we had spoke with several clients that had used his services and he was highly recommended. He didn’t disappoint and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone, for anything from basic training to animals with serious issues!

Jenine, Regina SK

My 85lb Alaskan Malamute puppy was suddenly showing signs of reactivity and even aggression toward other dogs. She went from being calm to lunging, snarling and overall, scaring the hell out of me on walks whenever we passed other dogs.

I used to volunteer with the MJHS and had known of Derek, who I heard worked with the dogs at the shelter. In Regina I hadn't come across a trainer that I felt would take on my puppy's reactivity since she was older than 9 months but not ready for a "normal" adult class. I didn't want us to be the only "bad dog" in a class of well behaved pooches. So I contacted Derek and he suggested a plan for my pup and I.

The outdoor manners class was a great starting point for her since we could get close but not too close like an indoor class would be. Derek treated us with kindness and understanding and I always felt he would be there to help if something set my pup off.

Since the class my girl has changed so much. On walks she is predicable again, if she does act out she responds to what Derek taught us and I am a much calmer owner. I plan to keep taking classes through Derek, even with the drive, because he was so understanding (and my girl loves him too!).

Thanks again for helping Arligh and I through our rough time!

sherry, moose jaw sk

When we saw a 1 year old female border collie at a local livestock auction in a crate that she couldn’t even stand up in, our hearts melted. She looked at us, her eyes were so forlorn and scared, and we knew we had to take her home. So we did and called her Chevy.

 Almost immediately we realized that she had never been “off the farm” because she was scared of city sounds. She had no social skills with other dogs because she viciously went after our two little Yorkies. Chevy did show some signs of training, she knew the basic sit/stay commands. She also was very comfortable around our cats.

 As she settled in, more of her behavior started coming to the forefront and it was not good. Visitors to our home, especially men, were greeted with her growling in an attack crouch position. A simple drive down the street would put her over the edge with pedestrians walking by or heaven forbid if another dog was even in sight! We now have two trucks whose interiors have the teeth marks from her behavior in these situations. And when the floor was swept or snow shoveled, she couldn’t get out of the way fast enough with panic in her eyes.

 We knew something had to be done so we signed up for NDLB dog classes. For Chevy that 1st class left her mentally exhausted – to be in that close proximity with 5 other dogs was so overwhelming that she actually bit me.

 Derek recognized immediately the extent of her behavior and adjusted the environment for her learning during the classes. Over the course of the next 6 weeks Chevy very slowly but surely became a little less anxious at the classes because of the way Derek integrated her more into the general area. He noticed too, how eyes would zone in on a dog and taught us how to distract her and get her back out of that mental state before she would lose her mind.

 We attended a second session of classes just to give Chevy and ourselves more knowledge. Every week we saw a more relaxed Chevy enter the classroom; at one class she even fell asleep because she so contented and had the understanding that the other dogs were not a threat to her.

 It is so true about dog ownership – that we the owners must be taught how to identify and properly handled behaviours of our canine family members.

 Nothing but steady progress with positive results has been our experience with Chevy since. She now approaches our visitors with her head on their lap asking to be petted and accepted. Chevy and our Yorkies have learned to respect and live in each other’s lives. Other dogs can come right up to the truck she is riding in and there is only a calm and curious behavior displayed. When sweeping or shoveling is being done, she politely gets out of the way, understanding it is not a bad thing. But best of all is Chevy’s ability to bring herself out of that “zone” just by our command.

 Recently, we felt she needed to have a companion but were still apprehensive about her acceptance of a new dog. We brought her a 7 week old sheltie/border collie male pup called Arc. And upon their first meeting it was like they were made for each other. They blended together and Chevy took to Arc like he was her own pup. She even let him try to nurse on her!

 Our beautiful Chevy has become a happy well balanced two year old with a fulfilling life. She guards and protects the ten acre property, keeps an eye on the horses and has been showing Arc the ropes of rural living. And now when she looks at us, we see such unconditional love and contentment.

 THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU Derek for giving us the skills to help Chevy become the dog she deserves to be.

Cathie, assiniboia sk

At the time we had 2 additional Boston Terriers come to live with us, in addition to the one we already had. They were all basically good doggies, but when someone came to the door, or when leashes came out, the level of excitement went through the roof. The jumping up and whining and barking was too much. I had remembered seeing Derek's website, so contacted him to see if he could help.

We arranged a day, and Derek drove down to our town and spent about 3 hours with us. After about the first 20 or 25 minutes, Derek was able to realize what some of the big issues were and we spent the next 2 hours or so working on them. Derek is quiet, calm, insightful, and good at teaching dogs, and maybe more importantly, people.

He is very kind, patient, and didn't even have to touch the dogs to get them to pay attention and respond to him.  I remember him telling us that "if you control space, you control everything". Our house is calmer now, and having 3 dogs is easier. Although there is still a lot of excitement when visitors arrive, it is easier to calm it down now, and getting leashes on is easier as well. The whole relationship with our dogs is now easier.

It was well worth the investment and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Derek to anyone who is in need of improving the quality of life with their dog (or dogs!).

Dustin and Carolyn, Moose Jaw SK

Before training with NDLB, our Shiloh was very anxious and loud when she met others dogs. She would lunge and bark whenever anyone walked past. 

Shiloh has improved immensely since we began out training. When we take her for a walk now, we don't have to worry about how she will interact with the dogs we meet on the way. 

We've known Derek for two years now, when we got our first dog. We liked his philosophy of teaching both the dog and us. It is more about watching body language and using your body language to communicate with the dog rather than force. We have learned a lot! 


Phil and Barb, Moose Jaw SK

Clancy was one of seven puppies whose mother died when he was one week old. He was almost 4 months old when he came to live with us.  He came to trust us but was very timid around strangers. He seemed not to have had much interaction with people although he loved other animals.

Clancy would not go near strangers just bark from a distance. He would become very stressed and afraid. 

As his training with Derek progressed he became more and more confident and then a wonderful breakthrough , Clancy began to trust Derek and then with Derek's guidence to trust other people.

Derek taught us methods to use to build Clancy's confidence and now he is much more comfortable with visitors and doesn't become so stressed.

Derek provided a calm, patient, safe and non-violent training environment.

It was an amazing process and we learned so much. 

We wanted to work with a trainer that used gentle training and Derek was highly recommended by several people that were very happy with their dog's successful training.  A person at the MJHS also recommended Derek and believed he would help us with Clancy.

Clancy is the perfect dog for us. Thank you Derek!


Lori And Don, Moose Jaw sk

We adopted Maisey from the Humane Society when she was approx. 6 months old, the only thing we knew was that she had a number of siblings and the owners were able to home all of them except her and her brother who were turned over to the Humane Society. 

Maisey is our very first dog and we were so excited to have her! We asked about puppy classes and were told about Derek and his approach to teaching which fit with our personal philosophy. We enrolled in the puppy class and she quickly learned the basics, the challenge we were beginning to see, was in how she interacted - or didn’t interact - with other dogs.

She would much rather be with people than other dogs and in fact would snarl, growl, or cower from other dogs. We also noticed as time went on that she was not comfortable having people in our home, she was fine on a walk or outside but in the house she would become very defensive, and even bit a good friend of ours! Once again we called Derek. 

He established a program for her and us that helped her to gain confidence around other dogs as well as around people in our home. We now have a plan to follow when we have company that allows the company to be comfortable and safe and allows her to show her loving character rather than being fearful and acting out. 

Many times it was Derek teaching us how to act and respond and once we figured that out, working with Maisey became much easier. We are very pleased with the results and would recommend Derek to anyone wanting to learn the basics or who is struggling with dog behaviour that is unsettling.


ALysse, Moose Jaw sk

Before beginning to attend classes with Derek, Bear was an amazing puppy, but things were chaotic. I was a first time puppy owner, and soon realized that loving my handsome guy was not enough to live a happy little life together.

We had no routine or structure in our interactions, and (in hindsight) I was creating many problems for myself, through what Derek affectionately calls "handler error"; I kept doing the same thing with Bear and expecting different results. Initially, I had not signed up for any obedience classes, based on my belief that Bear was just a puppy, and we had plenty of time to get that ball rolling. However, I began to read in to the benefits of training, and decided that it was time for us to take a class. 

I began to do research in to dog trainers in the area, and almost immediately decided to choose No Dog Left Behind. I had heard nothing but good things about Derek's approach to training and obedience, and felt sure of my choice after reading the reviews and comments on Facebook. When we came to our first class, I was extremely anxious and believed that it would take a long time to see any results or progress, as Bear was only 3 months old and very headstrong. But, five minutes in to our class, Derek asked to use Bear to demonstrate our next task, and suddenly my boisterous puppy was intently focused and responding to Derek's instructions, successfully mastering something new with only positive encouragement and a few bits of food. 

I basically knew from the end of the first class that we had went with the right trainer, and since that first 6 week course, from the beginning, I appreciated immensely Derek's proactive emphasis on capturing and encouraging good behaviour, rather than other methods I've witnessed that seem to more often than not focus on punishing bad behaviour. During class, I have learned so much in watching Derek work with other dogs as well as my own, and I always look forward to "puppy class" nights, as I always leave feeling more connected to Bear, and with a sense of accomplishment.  

It became apparent soon after starting our first class that learning to sit, stay, and other manners were not going to be our biggest hurdle to jump … I am really lucky in that Bear gets to come to work with me. On top of this, I felt “guilty” about crate training, as Bear seemed to hate being in his crate. We fell in to a routine of him staying with my parents when I had to be away from him. 

It got to the point that I would cancel appointments, or not plan anything if I knew I didn’t have anyone that Bear could stay with. At this point, my inability to leave Bear alone wasn’t due to my guilt anymore, but because his separation anxiety had grown SO bad, that I was afraid he would cause physical harm to himself when I did try to leave him alone. 

This issue began to seriously impact my life. I now felt crushing guilt over the fact that because of my inexperience and enjoying always having my dog near, I had fostered an inability in him to be away from me. I felt awful that Bear would become so stressed when we had to be apart. As well as this, my relationship had become strained, in part due to our concern for Bear, as well as that we could no longer do anything if we couldn’t have Bear with us. Which doesn’t sound so stressful, until you have to schedule who is going to get groceries, or how you can decline the 10th invite to spend time with a friend without seeming rude. There are only so many times doggy grandparents can babysit in a week.

I felt at a loss as to what to do, and turned to the internet, as well as friends and family, to find advice. I received well intentioned direction from a friend to just accept that Bear was going to be upset, but he would “cry it out”, and then he would be fine. I then printed out a crate training schedule, and went about starting at square one … And, I quit after minute one. I couldn’t handle the complete panic I witnessed in Bear when I closed him in his crate and walked away, as the tutorial stated to do. My poor big guy urinated, was physically throwing himself against the door, and barked so hard that the floor outside his crate was slick with saliva. 

Once I let him out and he had settled, it was my turn to feel on the brink of a panic attack. I felt as though we would never reach a solution that would enable Bear to be secure while being alone, and for us to be able to go back to normalcy. So, in the midst of my anxiety, I turned to Derek. 

Over the next few months, we had in home sessions with Derek. The best advice he gave, right from the first session, was to “quit while you’re ahead”. The process was slow, baby steps, but I trusted in Derek’s knowledge and plan he had made for us. Bear and I fell in to a routine of crate training for only a few minutes a day, gradually moving forward. As time passed, and Bear’s comfort zone was pushed, we experienced some rough moments; times when Bear would panic (nothing even close to that first big explosion, however), and Derek was always available to offer reassurance, tips, and encouragement.   

Fast forward to the present day. My big handsome guy sees being alone as no big deal. In fact, I think he might even enjoy it. Because of the work we did with Derek, Bear was able to gradually learn how to be okay being alone, and to even be happy doing so. To compare the dog from 6 months ago who almost clawed through my wooden bedroom door on an earlier ill fated attempt to leave him alone, to the one now that lounges lazily on the couch as I head out the door, is AMAZING. I have a dog that I can now confidently leave loose in our home while I go about my day, as he first learnt how to do so in his crate, with the help of Derek. The relief this has provided in our lives is immeasurable; I no longer feel guilty when leaving Bear at home, and my partner and I have been able to resume life as normal. 

The biggest lesson I have learned from our time spent with NDLB is that so much of the troubles I was experiencing with my dogs behaviour could actually be EASILY fixed by tweaking my own… Handler error! Because of this change in myself, I see the confidence and security that Bear also experiences. I trust myself and my canine pal to handle any situation that comes our way, whether when hiking, in public, or travelling.

Before I got Bear, I believed that with enough education through the internet and friendly advice, I would be able to navigate the experience of training a puppy on my own. However, once thrown headfirst in to that experience, I can’t say enough how important it was to seek out compassionate advice and teaching from a professional like Derek. Not to mention that, as I'm sure a lot of clients can attest to, Derek is undoubtedly in Bear’s list of top 5 favourite people, which is the best assurance I could get that I chose the right trainer.  

Aubrey January 2017 005.JPG

dianne, Moose Jaw sk

I met Derek shortly after my Yellow Lab Aubrey was 7 weeks old. I was looking for puppies classes and he was recommended by two of my co-workers. I was not disappointed. I have always trained my dogs but it had been some time since attending my last puppy classes, so when I came to Derek's classes they couldn't have been more different than I had been used to. 

First of all, his gentle nature and humour made it easy be a new owner of a dog. I was amazed at how fast they learned and how every command taught was with a technique I was not familiar with. We learned and blossomed as we attended his classes. I loved at the end of the classes when the pups had time to socialize before leaving.  I wished I had known how important this part was. I would of done things a lot different with my previous dogs.   

Months later at home,  a bad habit was developing with Aubrey barking. Frustration was building for both of us, but mostly me. I called Derek who was able to come to my home and for an hour he worked with the both of us. I was amazed at what I learned about her behaviour and mine and the "why". At the end of that hour she was quiet, calm and we have not looked back since.

My Mother also has been a big part in raising Aubrey and again the barking along with another bad behaviour had developed which was making it very difficult for my Mother, who loved her a lot, to be around Aubrey.  I called Derek again, who came up to her house to work with she and Aubrey.  

Within an hour of observation, conversation, identifying the behaviour and the "why", she was able to see what was happening and what she was contributing to the bad behaviour.  My Mother was amazed at how it all made sense and what Derek did to correct the behaviour. This session saved the relationship between my Mother and our dog. She speaks very highly of Derek and what he was able to accomplish.

I can't say enough good things about Derek. I plan to continue to attend further classes and use him when and if there ever are any undesirable behaviours.  Derek is very committed to his profession, is easy going, smart and passionate about dogs. He never makes you feel like you don't know what you're doing (even when we don't) and has this great instinct to learn from dogs, in order to teach us the greatness that they possess and offers to share his wisdom.