Group Classes (Held In Moose Jaw)

Call or text (306)-630-5801 today for class availability and schedule

Classes held at 1599 Main Street North Moose Jaw in the hillcrest sports center unless otherwise specified 

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Great Foundation PUPPY CLASS

The program is the BEST format of a puppy class and emphasizes off leash training and socializing with people and dogs. 

We also cover many basics such as Down, Stay, Loose Leash Walking, Leave-it, Come, Go to Your Mat, Settle and more!

You also receive 1o weeks of email training that recap what we learned at class and tons of helpful additional teachings.

Classes typically are held on Thursdays at 6:00pm, run for an hour meeting once per week for 6 weeks.

Puppies can join as early as 10 weeks and up to 5 months.

Class fee $150

adolescent Dog CLASS 

Finished a puppy class or have a young adult dog in need of some training?  Then this is the class that will help you gain the control of your dog you desire.  

We have 3 primary focusses in this class:

  • Coming when called

  • Walking politely on leash and

  • Staying

All under mild to high levels of distractions, to help your dog learn to consistently listen to you.

Classes run for an hour meeting once per week for 6 weeks.  

Class fee $150


Have a dog who barks, lunges, growls and pulls on leash toward other dogs while out for a walk?  Have you given up walking your dog because of their embarrassing antics!?

How would you feel if we could teach your dog to relax and pass other dogs calmly and quietly!?

Through much experience I have cracked the code on how to convert a seemingly wild beast on leash to a manageable, peaceful walker.   

Six week program meeting once per week, same time each week.  

Want more info, call/text 306 630 5801 or click the orange box on this page to leave a message.

Class fee is $200 tax included

Nose Work Classes….        LEvel 1- Primary, Level 2- Intro to Odour, Level 3- Continuing Nose Work

Allow your dog have a blast learning the sport of K-9 Nose work! 

These classes are not about obedience training, they are about encouraging our dogs to enjoy something that comes natural or even primal, build or elevate confidence and for them to learn to problem solve, all on their own without our prompts or assistance.

This is a very enriching experience for both dog and handler.

Don't know what nose work is, click the link to find out more.

If this offer intrigues you or if you have questions then send us a message. Class times vary depending the level of classes. Call/ message for our fall schedule.

If you want in, reach out as we are taking names for a waiting list for classes starting in September.

Class fee is $125 for 5 weeks of classes meeting for about an hour each week.  

Outdoor Manners and WALKING class

Do you feel embarrassed, overwhelmed or even frustrated by how your dog reacts while on walks?  Or would you like to spend more time outside training your beloved dog to continue building a positive relationship with them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have the class for you! 

This class focuses on enhancing loose leash walking skills and commands from a distance including Sit, Down, Come, Stay in a local park and walking paths around real life distractions. You will also gain insight on how to teach your dog to not react to things such as other dogs, people running/riding bicycles, wildlife and any other distractions that presents itself.  Guidance on how to handle encounters with stray or off leash dogs is also provided. 

This class builds on the foundational training of a typical puppy or adult dog training class. Some kind of basic formal training is highly recommended to maximize results from this class.

Classes run for an hour meeting once per week for 6 weeks during spring, summer and fall. 

These classes are held near the entrance of Spring Creek Park (meeting on the corner of Thatcher Drive and Simcoe Street)

Class fee $150

Canine Good Neighbour Preparation class

This class is "where it all comes together", as described by some of our past clients. "It's the class where things just all clicked and now I'm getting so many wonderful compliments about how well behaved my dog is and he's so much easier and enjoyable for me to handle".

This class focuses on practicing all the exercises that encompass passing a Canine Good Neighbor test:

1.Accepting A Friendly Stranger 2.Politely Accepts Petting 3.Appearance and Grooming 4.Out For A Walk
5.Walking Through A Crowd 6.Sit/Down On Command and Stay In Place 7.Come When Called 8.Praise/Interaction 9.Reaction To A Passing Dog 10.Reaction To Distractions 11.Supervised Isolation
12.Walking Through A Door/Gate

 Canine Good Neighbor Certification info below:…/Responsib…/Canine-Good-Neighbour-Program

Prerequisite: Dog attending must have participated in at least one adult dog class. Classes run for an hour meeting once per week for 6 weeks.

Class fee $150

I have learned so much from working with you and taking every class I can. Ultimately I have a much stronger bond with both my dogs compared to before I started taking your classes and receiving your help, it’s been a huge improvement in all our lives.
— Shayla F, Moose Jaw, SK

Call or text (306-630-5801) today for class availability and schedule